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CAMPAIGN Manifesto - Move forward.

It’s something we’re told when we need some perspective, a bit of motivation
or a little encouragement.

Try again. Make a change. Move forward.

We all know we’re in need of more space, margin…time in our lives.
But, what if – by physically moving more – we were then allotted the extra energy, resiliency and verve that increases our enjoyment of the best moments in our lives? What if by making ourselves a bit healthier – we were energized and then
more fully appreciated life’s cherished and special moments?

Will you Move forward?
Will you get up out of that chair/off that couch/out that door, silence that
inner voice - stop putting walls up and start tearing them down? Will you stop being ‘who you’ve always been’ and start becoming all you were meant to be?

Will you Move forward?
Will you do it for your spouse, your grandchildren, for your kids…yourself?
Will you take the time to learn what it takes to eat right, to manage stress, and
implement preventative measures and grow into the body – the person –
that you’ve always been capable of?

Will you put on your shoes and get out the door? Walk, run, or even skip for that matter – just move. Get up, make the first move, then move out the door, then move down the block, then move several blocks, then move over a half mile, then one mile, then who knows how far?

Move forward
Will you put in the effort, the minutes, and the miles it takes to make your body a bit fitter, healthier…a bit better?

Will you…MoveForward?

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